Ahhhh, spring... Ugh, coronacation! How do you survive without your hairdresser during a pandemic? This is a serious question for many. Along with many businesses having to close during the COVID-19 pandemic, salon services had to come to a screeching halt in efforts to stay socially responsible to help prevent the spread of this virus.

Self-care is an important part of healthy living. The old saying, "look good, feel good" is a true statement that affects our confidence, self-acceptance and overall well-being. This is not just about vanity; people are expected to be well-groomed as part of their social and professional reputation. So being without your colorist, hairdresser, nail tech, skin care specialist, etc. can be quite stressful. But hang in there, we cannot be closed forever! So here are a few tips and tricks for playing "at home beauty shop" if you must.


If you color your grey, please do ONLY the out-growth. Please, we beg you, do NOT attempt highlights, balayage or anything multi-tonal at home. It will make it much easier on you and your colorist when you get to have your next color done professionally, and it will be a lot less expensive. Corrective colors are time-consuming and often require multiple applications and sessions.

You can purchase temporary grey camouflage powders or sprays. These are available for order and will be delivered by mail. Contact your stylist for details. This is one way you can help support them during this time when they are prohibited from working.


Pin or push back your bangs/fringe. If you must trim your bangs, carefully separate them out before you start whacking away. For shorter hair, have someone help you to trim up the edges. Try to stay out of the layers (we will be back to work soon-please be patient). And for goodness sake, PLEASE put down the thinning shears. You know who you are...hahaha! Also, do a clarifying treatment and deep conditioning treatment once a week to help keep the health of your hair optimal.


Tweeze carefully! Over-tweezing can stunt hair regrowth; be careful with those beautiful brows. For other unwanted facial hair, grab a magnifying mirror and tweeze away or you can "blade" it if necessary (that's a ladies' way of saying shave it).

To all of my fellow cosmetologists, barbers, estheticians, nail techs and others in the personal care industry, rest up! There is one busy hair season coming when they let us out. Bless all of you for what you do!